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Whether you travel for work or pleasure, for long periods or short, you can't always take your pets with you. Leaving them home alone can stress them out. Boarding them takes them outside their natural environment, which can make them uncomfortable and could expose them to medical risks from other pets. Now there's a way to leave your pets in good hands in their own environment.

Welcome to Santorelli Pet Sitting.

When you can't be there for your pets, we provide the best alternative available. Our reliable professionals visit your home regularly to make sure your pets are well cared for while you're away. You can schedule one, two or three visits a day, or an overnight stay, for up to three pets. Currently we take care of dogs, cats, fish, hamsters and gerbils. We don't have experience with farm animals but welcome the opportunity to learn.

We DO NOT board pets.

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Standard service features
dog bone treat Feeding/Fresh Water
dog bone treat Exercise/Play time
dog bone treat Medications given
dog bone treat "Accident" clean-up
dog bone treat Special requests, just ask!


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Getting started
Once you know you'll be leaving town, contact us to reserve your spot. We'll block off time to accommodate you and your pets. Call (407) 832-3587, send an email, or use our convenient pet sitting reservation form.

We will schedule a time to meet you and your loved ones before services begin, and we do reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

Typical Visit
We spend each visit focused on your pets. A home visit typically includes feeding and plenty of attention, affection and exercise. For older pets with less mobility, we'll keep your pets entertained and make sure they, and your home, are safe while you are away. Medications are no problem. We gently administer oral or topical meds as recommended, on the schedule you request. St Johns County ordinances require that all dogs must be on leashes while taking them for walks off of their property, with no exceptions. Santorelli Services requests that you have a leash available, appropriate for your breed, and collars should not be pronged/spiked as we feel there are more appropriate training methods that do not inflict pain & stress.

Areas Served
We currently serve St. Augustine and the beach communities of St. Johns County. We occasionally serve surrounding areas (higher rates will apply). Santorelli Services is fully licensed and insured, so you can be assured that we take our responsibilities seriously.

Additional Details
Unless you specify otherwise, we generally prefer that pets have free access to all or part of the home for as much time as possible during our visits. This reduces their stress level. We can crate your pets overnight if that is your preference. To minimize health risks to other pets (and our own), we ask that your pets be flea-protected and free of any contagious diseases. Large breed dogs and well socialized pit bulls are welcome, but we require proof of current rabies vaccination. Current rates are listed on our pet sitting Rate page.

We DO NOT offer boarding services.

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With family roots in St. Augustine since 1967, John Santorelli attended St. Joseph's Kindergarten, Cathedral Parish School and graduated from St Joseph's Academy. After college, he worked on research in food chemistry, pet foods and anabolic steroids.

After living in Orlando and Gainesville, he returned to St. Augustine in 2007. John's pets include a cat and a dog. He practices Muay Thai competitively.

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